Links to the pages of French organisations

TAG on-line

Bazart Textile

A collective in St Antonin that runs a gallery, a coffeeshop, workshops and studios principally for textile art but also art more genarlly. Opens in June 2017.

TAGlines is a very helpful site describing what's going on in the Tarn and Tarn et Garonne areas. It also has adverts for services and what is for sale or wanted. Take a look!

Point b.

A boutique gallery in Laguepie run by Fanette Declerq. A place for talented local artists to showcase their work. Well worth a visit . Doors are open on market days (Wednesday/Saturday).


Links to the pages of UK organisations

Butterfly Conservation


The main organisation dealing with butterfly conservation in the UK. It has a French sub-branch.
An organisation that speaks up for the wildflowers, plants and fungi of the UK.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust


An organisation that supports the conservation of all bumblebees and that seeks to raise awareness of the economic, cultural, environmental and other benefits that these lovely creatures bring to us.
Looking after the UK's bird life and the habitat it occupies. The RSPB is repsonsible for restoring, enhancing and creating thousands of hectares of land to preserve the UK's wildlife.

The blogs and websites of interesting people

The Generalist

PPhilip Carr-Gomm

An alternative news and ideas channel on art, science, culture, politics and the environment, by freelance journalist, magazine editor and author John May.
Philip Carr-Gomm is the leader of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids and author of a new novel "The Prophecies" set in France during WWII. All his work is touched by and reveres, nature.

Life on La Lune

Sebatien Grenier

Episodes from the author, Vanessa Couchman's French life, with snippets about French history, culture and customs, and details of things happening in the Tarn and Tarn et Garonne.
Sebastien Grenier is a talented artist working in St Antonin Noble Val who specialises in mixed media. His work has nature at its heart and much of it is inspired by the countryside around his home town.

Backgrounds are strobed macros taken by Peter Mobbs. All photos are copyright of the author and may not be reproduced without his permission.